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Willow Brooke Day Nursery Willow Brooke Day Nursery

Baby Room

(6 weeks - 1 year)



Babies are provided specialist care and attention when in our setting. We're flexible, with a routine so that babies have enough freedom to sleep, eat and play.


Our room includes a sleeping area with cots and access to a baby changing area and a milk kitchen.


We encourage babies to develop at their own pace through experiencing their environment with messy play, soft play and access to a wide variety of toys.


Nursing mums are welcome at any point to come and feed their babies.


Our ratio is 12 children: 4 staff


(1 year - 2 years old)


At this age children become more mobile and we try to encourage them to explore their environment.


They will begin to make their own decisions and we ensure there are lots of learning activities for them to choose from.


Toddlers in this group will get the chance to listen to stories, rhymes and music, they will also get to enjoy exploring textures.


The toddler room also has a sleeping area with direct access to changing facilities and a milk kitchen.


Our ratio is 10 children: 4 staff


(3 - 5 years old)


For our pre-schoolers, we have a set activity plan design to encourage children to explore their world and attain independence.


Through plat the children develop skills, in turn taking and sharing with their friends.


Numeracy and language skills are also part of the programme, implementing the learning in every aspect of their activities.


We also encourage play-based games so that all areas of learning are covered.


When children leave us we want them to be equipped with social skills and basic knowledge of language and numeracy so that they can transition into school effortlessly.


Our ratio is 20 children: 3 staff


(2 - 3 years old)


At this age children are learning to do things for themselves, they gain a sense of confidence by knowing we are there to support them at any point.


Role play is also key, as it encourages them to express thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.


They begin to develop socially with one another and learn to care for eachother.


The children have a quiet area with books so that there is a get away for those children that don't want to always be involved in busy activities, and beds are also provided for those needing a nap.


Our ratio is 16 children: 5 staff

We also have...

Dining Room

Crocodile Room

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Suitable eating area for the children.

In the mornings this space is used as our welcome area whilst we wait for all the children to arrive!


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