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Willow Brooke Day Nursery Willow Brooke Day Nursery

Baby Room

(6 weeks - 1 year)


Young babies are given the special, individual attention they need. Flexible routines allow babies to rest, sleep and feed in a relaxed atmosphere.


The baby room includes a sleeping area with cots and has direct access to a milk kitchen and nappy changing area.


Babies are encouraged to grow and develop by exploring their environment through messy play, soft play and a wide variety of sensory toys and equipment.


Any nursing mums will be welcome to call in at any time during the day to feed their babies.


Our ratios are children 12:4 staff

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(2 - 3-year-old)


As children learn to do things for themselves they gain confidence by knowing an adult is close by ready to support and help. Roleplay and dressing up will encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings.


Children become more confident as they develop socially and learn to care for each other.


There is a quiet area with books for children who want time away from busy activities.


Beds are available for children who need a short sleep.


Our ratios are children 20:5 staff

(1 year - 2 years old)


As children become more mobile they are encouraged to explore in a safe, secure environment. Toddlers will begin to make their own decisions by choosing from a wide range of stimulating activities to promote learning. Children will enjoy listening to stories, rhymes and music and have fun exploring textures.


There is a sleeping area where toddlers can rest and the room has direct access to a milk kitchen and nappy changing area.


Our ratios are children 12:4 staff



(3 - 5-year-old)


A full activity programme is carefully planned to help children explore the world around them and gain independence. Through plat children learn to co-operate with each other by sharing and turn taking with their friends.


Language and numeracy skills are developed through everyday activities and children will gain a knowledge and understanding of the world around them by celebrating a variety of festivals.


Children are provided with play-based activities and experiences to encourage all areas of learning and development. Children leaving the nursery will be prepared with the social and learning skills necessary to ensure an easy transition into school life.


Our ratios are children 20:3 staff

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