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Willow Brooke Day Nursery Willow Brooke Day Nursery british values

British Values

Rule of Law


Mutual Respect & Tolerance

At Willow Brooke Day Nursery we hope to support our children so that they develop a positive sense of themselves, they feel confident to speak up, be heard and have their opinions valued. British values are about promoting a tolerant, democratic society, where freedom of speech lives comfortably alongside respect for all. Here are some examples of the fun ways we promote British Values at Willow Brooke Day Nursery.

Pre-school children have their voices heard termly via Warwickshire County Councils ‘Reaching for the Stars’ questionnaire.


Voting opportunities are provided daily for all age groups to decide what toys to have out or what activity they would like to play with.


The staff set achievable challenges for the children when playing with resources to encourage collaborative thinking.


Sand timers are used to encourage turn taking and sharing.


A 'Tidy Up Monitor' is voted for at each tidy up session to ensure responsibility is shared.


A want for parental involvement is identified in our Parental Involvement Policy and established via regular Parents Evenings, Stay and Play Sessions and Parents Forums.

We have a 'golden rules' system displayed in every room and identified in our Behaviour Management Policy.


The children at Willow Brooke Day Nursery have very important safety spy jobs!


The children create ‘personal network’ pictures annually to show who could or would help them if they needed it.


The children like to receive visits from the police and learn all about the importance of following the rules.

Individual Liberty

Children are provided with a safe environment to encourage them to make safe choices and take risk.


Feelings posters, books and activities are provided to help children explore the language of feelings.


Healthy lifestyles are discussed through food activities and within our Food and Drink Policy.


Participation in external agencies such as Jo Jingles, Rhythm Time and Dare2Dream are available for children to join in with, providing them with freedom of choice.


The Settling In Policy and Transitional Objects Policy respects the wishes of individual children.

Multicultural books, hand puppets and dolls are provided in all areas of the nursery and in our library to promote diverse attitudes.


We celebrate a wide range of religions and festivals within our Long Term Planning and is recognised in our Equality and Diversity Policy.


Resources are provided to meet all children's developmental or SEND needs.


Annually during harvest the children collect food items together and take them to the local hospice to give out.

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